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We use the latest technologies, we can tie together your Benefits, Employee Onboarding, HR, and Payroll. Our goal is to not only provide great benefits, but simplify our clients business.


Employee Navigator helps employers manage company information in one secure and convenient location that employees can view (day or night) from any computer with Internet access. It lets employees reach a comprehensive resource for company and benefits information by answering most questions that would normally be directed to the HR department. This allows human resources personnel to function more efficiently and devote more time to strategic issues.

ACA Compliance

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EasyAppsOnline allows you to "click, connect and communicate" all in one easy, convenient location. It allows you to collaborate with our agency on line, gives you access to time-saving tools and resources, builds convenience into managing your everyday work tasks, supplies you with timely news, resources an information and best of all….it allows you to connect with over 100,000 peers in your industry.


Mineral frees you to focus on what you do best.

We get it—running a small business can be challenging, especially when you throw in the complexity of ever-changing employment laws and best practices. Between chasing down unreliable answers on Google and trying to decipher complex legalese, it’s enough to overwhelm anyone.  

By combining certified HR experts with tech-enabled tools, Mineral takes the guesswork out of HR and empowers you to do right by your employees. Our innovative platform is a one-stop resource for small businesses, filled with everything you need to tackle even the trickiest workplace issues with total confidence. 

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