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AA LaRocco & Associates d/b/a The LaRocco Companies is a privately owned corporation that has been in existence since 1980.  The agency decided many years ago to concentrate and specialize in employee benefits.  With the complexities of benefits plans, benefits legislation, and the constant change of products and technology the only way to handle benefits properly is make it the sole focus.


Over the years the agency’s dedication to service, compliance, and building relationships allowed it to grow. Over the past 18 years this growth was accelerated through the acquisitions of other benefit firms as well as mergers with agents who shared the agency’s values.  The result is a firm with a level of experience that rivals any employee benefits agency in the Southeast. The agency motto is “Shared Expertise, Shared Resources, Shared Values.” All of our partners are housed in the same office and continually work together to assess our clients benefit offerings, evaluate levels of compliance, and solve problems that arise. This group joins together to use relationships, technologies, and market strength to enhance the services provided to their clients. 

Our Mission


Over 250 Years of Experience Applied to Your Plan

With the ever-changing products and regulations in the benefits world, it is difficult for employers to have peace of mind. Regardless of the size, age or specific needs of the business, The LaRocco Companies is committed to protecting the company and its employees.

Our goal is to help customers develop benefits plans that can grow with their changing needs while complying with the latest regulations. By developing a strong benefits package, we help customers attract and retain top-notch employees.

Our customers are our prime focus. Every facet of our business is constantly examined for ways to bring greater ease, comfort and convenience to them. Our success has been, and always will be, measured by our customers satisfaction, peace of mind and well being.

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