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Each client and all of its' employees are given the broker’s contact information and are encouraged to use it for all levels of service. One reason for this is that the firm has always believed it is important to have the person who knows the most about the plan involved from the beginning.  This prevents little problems from becoming big problems which can undermine employee confidence and satisfaction with the plan. The second reason is that it allows for continuity.  A major problem in the benefits industry with the service representative model has been turnover. Many get tired of dealing with the problems or complaints that come with this position.  Others use it as a stepping stone to a sales position.  By allowing the broker to service the account this turnover is removed, eliminating the need to teach a new person the client’s culture every few years.  The final reason is it is the only way the broker can understand a client's needs and evaluate whether or not the benefit plans are meeting expectations.

Each member on the staff and most of the brokers are paid a bonus based on customer retention and growth of our business.  Why should this matter to a client? Everyone at The LaRocco Companies has a vested interest in each and every insured. This promotes teamwork eliminating any “That’s not my client” attitude.  It is much easier to provide strong service and keep clients happy if everyone works together sharing responsibility and rewards. This allows immediate response to most client inquiries. Even though the broker or brokers are the point of contact the entire team gets involved in the strategic planning and situation resolution for each client.


Successful Face-to-Face Selling

Successful Face – to – Face Selling Learn how to drive sales by delivering great service to your customers…

  • Understanding the sales background
  • Questioning – customer needs and wants
  • USP’s for your products and services
  • Tactics for closing the sale
  • Adding extra value

Presenting Your Product or Service

Presenting Your Product or Service Learn how to personalise your sales pitch and match customer needs with the right information about your product or service.

  • Using positive language
  • Features tell, benefits sell
  • Using emotive words in your sales pitch
  • Personalising your pitch to the customer
  • Skills practice

Account Managment

Account Management Learn how to grow your business from within your existing account base.

  • How do you manage existing accounts?
  • Potential added-value opportunities
  • Time management and prioritisation
  • Reasons to call or visit existing customers
  • Conducting an account review


Prospecting Learn how to build a pipeline of sales opportunities through developing your lead generation techniques.

  • Bursting the myths of prospecting
  • Get a winning attitude to prospecting
  • Setting SMART objectives
  • Identify targets and target markets with the 80/20 rule in mind
  • Using more innovative ways to build your pipeline

Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling Learn the value of developing strong relationships of trust by successfully employing a consultative selling approach.

  • Understand the value of a consultative selling approach, how, where and when it should be used
  • Building Relationships of Trust
  • Skills Practice -using a consultative selling model
  • Asking probing questions
  • Overcoming resistance and creating action plans

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